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DServices specialise in the repair, General services and the Restoration of classic Citroëns in South Africa. It is pure love and adorations that motivate us to keep these majestic creatures on the road.






General services

Specialised repairs for classic Citroën's 

Supplier of spare-parts

Period colour correct Spraypaint done

Different paint colour on request

Range of period correct upholstery material

and Leather

Zinc-Cadmium plating done on the premises

Our work


We all have a story of how Citroën influenced our life, how we got to own or see one. It seems that Citroën has been part of all our lives at one point or the other. 


This is my story in shortened version.


One day in the early 90's a TV show aired called "Highlander", a certain French street scene was portrayed on the show and the main character "Duncan McCleod" whisked off in a Black 1969 DS. Immediately my attention was caught... Citroën and France were synonymous!


Visiting friends at their farm about a year or so later, we had to go and have a look at their impressive cattle herd, passing a piece of open land I saw these eyes glaring at me, it didn't take a second to realise it was a CITROËN DS!! There were 2 DS23's and an ID19, fate was sealed, I wanted one!  Age was against me, at age 4 no one would take me seriously, it took another 14 years before I got her, the elements took their toll but she was mine, Edith was mine!


Her restoration started early 2008, I knew nothing, but passion and pure love for these beautiful majestic cars kept me going, with no formal training, a very mechanical minded father and super influential friends I made through Citroën, a year later she was back the road!


What should have been a one car restoration ended up being the beginning of a lifelong commitment to restoring Citroën, not only DS's but SM's as well with 2CV's and Tractions jumping the queue. Fate was sealed, wondering what I should do with my life was decided for me...


Citroën servicing, parts reconditioning, parts importing and high-quality restorations are carefully done with every car treated as part of our family. Every restoration is seen as work of art and a lot of time and effort goes into each restoration.



Lichtenburg North West

South Africa

Tel: +27(0)73 351 0289



Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 12pm

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A collection of classic Citroën's we've renovated with passion

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